Burning diablo 2

im haveing trouble burning diablo2 expansion with clone cd can any1 tell he how to do this step by step?

Did you try the normal CloneCD Game profile? If that doesnt work download and try the securom one.

dude, im completely new to this i was trying to burn diablo for like a week then googling how to do it i luckily found this site. i just found it last night, i am brand new to this, so i kinda have no idea wat u just sed. :sad: :confused:

ok i just burnt diablo 2 + exp for a friend of mine and i used the “securom” profile when burnin it,u get that at the following link on this site ,here http://upload.cdfreaks.com/CloneCD_4_Profiles/CloneCD%204%20Profiles.zip

hey plus if u need step by step then i will make a better way yo help u out if that dont help but download te profiles for CloneCD ,on that link above, want to talk to me on Diablo 2 when u get it burnt i only play Exp. pack USWEST acct:BloodMasterInc