Burning data to BD-R

What program does everyone use just to burn data (files & folders) to BD-R?
Someone had told me about BurnAware but have never used it.
Do I need to build an ISO image with ImgBurn and burn with it?
Somewhat new to the BD-R burning area. Again, this is for data, not movies.
Thanks much.

Imgburn makes the image on-the-fly. You don’t need to make a iso to burn.

Imgburn -> mode -> build. Select the drive with the media. As an option select advanced input to create folders, rename files etc.

Prefer UDF 1.02 to maximum compatibility with data disks without the 4GB per file limit of ISO9660/JOLIET.

BD video disks must be build with UDF 2.5.

Will try that. Appreciate the info.