Burning data software

i am wondering if there is any difference in software for just burning data to dvd’s. I’ve mostly used nero ( and it’s worked fine, although it does hog my computer’s resources quite a bit while burning. Also is the verification similar to a read transfer test?

Try ImgBurn.:wink:
it is small and resourse friendly

Imgburn will not burn data disks. It will only burn images IE: Iso,Img,Bin etc.

I would just stay with nero for burning you data disks.

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There are similarities and differences between a verification and a Read Transfer test.


  • Both will tell you whether the disc is readable (in that drive)


  • Read Transfer test will show you whether the disc can be read at full speed or whether the drive has to slow down to read some of the data
  • Verification will show you whether the copied data on the CD/DVD is the same as the original data on your harddrive

ImgBurn and later (current version is can burn data disk from folders and files by using the new “build mode”.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Nero, however, and cannot AFAIK make multi-session burns.

There’s always DeepBurner, which I just tried for a data disc - works real nice. To add, it also does multi-session, if that’s what you’re after :wink:

With Burrrn for audio, ImgBurn for images and building ISOs, and now DeepBurner for regular data discs, I have no need for Nero on this PC (although I have it installed on the other, to try latest versions etc).

Edit: Just like Burrrn and ImgBurn, it’s free (although there is a pay version, which I have no need for) :slight_smile:

CDBurnerXP Pro is another decent freeware app.

Yes, but there is more work involved going through that method. Easier to open and drag + drop then burn.

Trying to keep it simple.

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how can u change the burn speed while burning a dvd+r in deepburner
the programe only giving my the max speed avialable 16x .