Burning data files to a CD-R

I have a question regarding burning data files to a CD-R. I would like to quickly drag & drop files to a CD-R at different times throughout the week and then be able to give the disc to anyone using WIndows Explorer. During the week people return the same CD’s back to me for additional recordings. So far, I haven’t been able to do this without finalizing the disc. It appears to me that the previous recording can’t be viewed until I finalize it. A friend showed me how Roxio does this and I was completely impressed. She just drags files to a small window and it starts to burn. We were then able to add files at other times and could always read it through Windows Explorer. I would love to get this to work since I paid for Nero. If there isn’t an easy way, than I’m going to purchase Roxio.

Thanks, Potter

You can accomplish what you want using the builtin CD-R recording functions of Windows XP (if that is your operating system).

A description of Windows XP CD recording feature can be found all over the Internet, but here’s one link with a simple how-to:

CD burning in Windows XP

When you use the Windows XP CD recording feature, your CD-R(W) will be burnt as “multi-session” CD and you can add data to the CD at a later time until it gets filled up.

Every time you burn a CD as a multi-session, some space is used to “link” the multiple sessions, so if you fill the CD up little by little in this way you can’t put the full 700 MegaBytes on it you would otherwise be able to.


You can also fill up a CD little by little with Nero by starting a multi-session disc the first time you burn it, and then continuing that multi-session when you want to add files.

Don’t choose to finalize the disc until you are sure you don’t want to add more files - once you do you won’t be able to write to the CD anymore.

Do I first need to uninstall INCD before I can use the XP recording capabilities? It seems strange to me that XP can handle drag and drop data files easier than a robust Nero can. With Roxio, it was quite simple too. I’ve always read that Nero is a much better product than Roxio.


You don’t HAVE to uninstall InCD to use the Windows XP CD Recording function. Many will tell you that you SHOULD do it however to prevent problems. Personally I don’t have any problem using both.

Nero InCD only supports ReWritable media (CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW) and not Recordable media (CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R). Roxio DirectCD/Drop-to-disc or whatever it’s called now DOES support Recordable media.

Nero is (in my opinion) a more powerful and flexible product than Roxio, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easier for you to use. Opinions on this will always vary.