Burning data DVDs



Hello everyone,

My question just concerns burning video files as data onto dvds. I have a standalone DVD player that can read divx, etc… files on cds or dvds burned as data, i was just wondering, however, if i fill the disk up as data, will it burn unsuccessfully due to time contraints (120 min) on the dvd? ( I’m using nero 6 and an HP dvd 940) thanks in advance :bow:


As long as the size of the DivX or .avi data file fits on the disc, you’ll be fine. Nero will tell you if the file size is too big for the disc when you add it to the compilation.

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Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, if you data are more than 120 minutes then you can shrink the data by using DVD Shrink and then burn the shrink data. Since you are using data platform the quality of shrink data would not be noticeable or compromised.