Burning data CD problems? :s

Hi. I have Nero Premium 7 and decided to make some DVD’s of my Xvid Movies to clear up some space on my hard drive. I use smart start, select data DVD, add the movies I want to put onto the DVD and created the DVD.
Everything sounds fine upto now, that is until I try to access the DVD. I put the DVD in the drive and when I click it from my computer it freezes my PC for a moment then I get the “DVD has encountered an error” etc and I cant access the DVD.
Surely this cant be right? What can be causing this? I just want to access a damn data DVD. I tried to make another DVD and got the exact same results.

First Nero is incapable of making synced movie DVD’s and now this? Damn it, it is suppost to be the premier DVD creating software.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ! :bow:

my guess would be very bad quality media , try some other

bad media? You mean the DVD-R is bad, the files I am trying to copy are bad or the software is bad?

the first one , media = disc

perhaps if i try to burn it at a slow speed?

could you perhaps recommend me some good media that is also good value?