Burning data after burning iso file (bootable)



I would be really obliged if some one could tell me if is it possible to burn data after burning an bootable iso image file.

I thought of burning microxp but the whole iso was only 100 mb in size and I don’t really want to waste the remaining space.

I would really appreciate replies from you guys.
Thanks in advance.

(I work on windows xp service pack 3 and don’t have a floppy drive.)


Not possible, because the used ISO doesnt create a multisession disc.


THANK YOU FOR REPLYING.Is there a work around.Awaiting your reply.


Not sure if it will work, but you can try 7-Zip (freeware) which can extract ISO’s.


Not sure what you’re asking really – do you want to keep the bootability and just add new files on top of that, or are you only concerned with saving some disk space, and don’t care about the previous session being lost?

As long as the disc is not finalized, you should be able to add new sessions to it. Whether the previous session contents is available or not depends more on what CD-creating tool you actually use, and how you use it.

Technically, I believe you should be able to keep the bootability of session 1 if you add another session – sessions are not watertight compartments, and session 2 can very well refer to files/directories in session 1. It would be necessary to transfer the old boot record to the new session, though. (I may be wrong – I haven’t really studied the Torito specification in detail, and there may easily be something I have missed. But as it says that the boot record is taken from the [I]last [/I]session on the CD, I see no clear technical problem in retaining bootability of session 1 while you add new data in session 2).

But as I already noted, it’s really a question if the CD-creating tool you are using is up to the job.

Nero 9, for example, does not seem to allow me to burn a bootable CD from an ISO without also finalizing the disc. It allows me to uncheck the ‘finalize CD’ check box, but it doesn’t seem to take …

Added: Or are you trying to add files to the boot image? Adding files in a new session won’t work, then. Perhaps you need to describe your problem, instead of what you think may be the solution.


In theory its surely possible, but for what sense?
Therefore any burntool coder has not implemented such a feature, AFAIK.


[QUOTE=chef;2176775]In theory its surely possible, but for what sense?

The principle of ‘least surprise’ – it’s a user interface design thing, and so on a higher level than simple optical storage.

I can add data to a previous session, yet keep all that session still available in session 2 (or those parts of it that I want to make so available). Yet this is about equally senseless: instead I should extract the data, remove the files I want to remove, add the files I want to add, and then burn a session without any pointers to data in previous session, or perhaps even a new CD. What is the sense of reusing data in previous sessions?

If reuse of earlier session data is permitted, reuse of boot image should be permitted for exactly the same reasons.

It is also a question of freedom to the user – a good tool should allow me to do what is technically possible and standard-conforming without asking any question such as yours. At present I’m beginning to believe that any ISO-image creating/CD-burning software that doesn’t allow me to specify any logical block size that the standard allows should be classified as deficient, in some sense.

Of course, the same question may apply in that case also: different logic block size – what sense is there in that? But that is easier to answer, isn’t it?


Is it? :smiley: