Burning .dat to VCD without recoding

I have a couple of files on my comp with the .dat extension. I suppose one of the other users of the comp simply copied these from the MPEGAV folder of a VCD.

Now, I can simply choose make a VCD from NERO and add these files to the list. Here’s the problem though. I am pretty sure that Nero recodes these, because the process takes a really long time.

By doing a search on the forums, I found many threads asking .dat to mpeg1/vcd conversion but I ask why would you want to do that. My question is can I simply burn the .dat files without recoding. Because if I am correct, the .dat files are already encoded forms of some other previous video file.

Could I create a folder called MPEGAV, put the .dat files in the folder with the correct file names and stuff (currently they are AVSEQ01.dat, AVSEQ02.dat, so i think they are all right) and just burn the CD as a data file.

Any input is appreciated.