Burning .dat and .bin files?

I downloaded StarOffice and it was a .bin file with no .cue sheet and I can’t figure out how to burn it… also i downloaded a .dat image from a newsgroup that’s supposedly a VCD… can’t figure out how to burn that either…
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ok some basics here. Use Fireburner to drag the bin file to your explore page and it should burn without a problem. Secondly a .dat extension when related to a VCD is the media file to play. Try playing it in Mediaplayer and you should see the movie. To burn use nero and create a vcd.

Burn a .bin file here

How to burn VCD here (although you may have to rename the .dat file to .mpg I dunno ? I do know a correctly burned VCD the file is a .dat)

General VCD Help.

*.bin can be burned with CDRWIN.

but you said you didn’t had the cue, so get ya selfs iso buster or deamon-tools.

and start unpack those bin…then burn it with ya favorite burn progrm

thanks guys… the staroffice .bin file is some special linux thing… just had to burn that as data not an image… and the .dat file works fine under media player

thanks for all the help