Burning CUE or image files with VariRec enabled



I have a Plextor 48/24/48A and Plextor Premium. Both of these drives incorporate Plextor’s VariRec option. (The VariRec option allows the user to change the power output of the burn process.) VariRec works fine when burning audio TRACKS but I haven’t found a way (or software) that will allow me to burn a CUE or image file (such as ISO) with the VariRec option enabled.

I have found that keeping PlexTools open and setting the VariRec option for the Plextor Premium allows me to use Nero to burn a CUE or image file with VariRec seemingly activated. (This won’t work for the Plex 48).

I have talked with Plextor and Nero. Nero seems unaware the VariRec option existed (even though it is supported in their software). Plextor has told me that the VariRec option can be activated before ANY burn but it must be set by the software.

Anyone know how or software that will allow me to burn a CUE sheet with the VariRec option enabled? I do quite a bit of CD archiving and creating a WAV image and CUE sheet with EAC and then burning back to disc seems to be the most accurate process.


Feurio! is the other program that supports Varirec.

Open the CUE in Feurio CD-Manager -> Project -> Create Project from cuesheet-file, if you want to hear or edit the tracks before burning.
You can also open it directly from Feurio CD-Writer.