Burning cue files

does there a program exist to burn cue files
whit the cue file i have a bin file
i tried whit blindwrite but it gives an eror

can somebody help me


Mount the CUE using the brilliant Daemon Tools, then burn using CloneCD, works everytime for me.


You can also use nero to burn it,
just choose burn image from from the menu and select the cue file

Wrong forum to ask about cue files but you can use cdrwin(goldenhawks 3.9 is there latest the other is a fake imitation)fireburner or nero(its not perfect) i would advise you to use cdrwin it`s in my eyes the best to use with burning cue/bins with.

I second RDJ’s opinion about CDRWin 3…however, before attempting to burn that image, open the .CUE file with NotePad to be sure that the accompanying .BIN file is named correctly and that it (the .CUE) contains appropriate track/index information. If this still doesn’t do the job for ya’, Xoron’s suggestion is the way to go.