Burning .cue/.bin with mac os X?



Hello, i’m new here. I was told by a friend that this is the best place to find info in CD/DVD burning etc so here I am ! As you probably guessed i am trying to burn a .cue/.bin file with mac os X. I searched with google and came up with firestarter, and a trick to use with toast 6. I tried the trick with toast 6 (drag the .bin file to the video burning section) and that didnt work. Firestarter gives me something else… I drag the file to the part that says “cue/bin” (586mb file) and everything looks okay so i hit burn. it says that it is burning – out of 27mb . It says starting gap and lead in or womething like that and at around 6mb it fails. An error window pops up and says “You have inserted a disk containing no volumes that Mac OS X can read. To continue with the disk inserted, click Ignore” i can hit ignore or eject. hitting ignore does nothing, and eject ejects it. I don’t know what exactly is wrong… The cd-r i am using is 700mb RiDATA. an anyone help me out with firestarter ? or point me in the direction of another program ? thanks a lot !


I don’t know much about Macs, but possibly the file is corrupted and that is why u can’t burn it?


hmm this is very possible ! thanks for the response. i downloaded… i mean cough cough obtained a non .bin/.cue of the same file and was able to burn that to a CD just fine, so my troubles are over. on to the next difficulty of installing the software. I’m trying to install Windows XP on virtual PC for mac. it’s not going so well, as Virtual PC doesnt seem to be responding to booting from the CD. what is the PC command for booting from a CD ? i have no idea… thanks !


some advices…

  • in toast, select copy cd, open the advanced options in the side panel and load the cue from there, no need to tell it to do a videocd – all required information is in the cue file

  • windows 2000 runs a tiny bit faster in virtualpc than xp does (some people swear on windows98 for that task but i’d rather shoot myself than being bound to that legacy system), also note that virtualpc6 doesn’t work on g5s because some specific byte conversion(?) option is not present on that chips. virtualpc7 should do the trick, on the other hand, if you’re on a g4 there is no real reason to upgrade as vpc6 is alright.

  • consider installing fink, you will get lots of gnu apps ‘out of the box’, like cdrdao (burning tool, this is the one the firestarter gui uses for burning afaik) and cdparanoia (hq cd ripper, gnu equivalent to exact audio copy) - only useful if you’re up to digging deeper into the unix foundation of os x of course (many great utilities don’t come with/need a gui - you run them from the terminal and supply the required options as parameters - also i wouldn’t mind with installing a complete kde/gnome just because you want to burn/copy some cds, if you need to run unix utilities with an interface to click in look for stuff thats built using qt or directly for the x window manager, the last ones look kinda ugly but they should do the same trick nevertheless). those gnu utilities are very robust from my experience, so if you are comfortable with learning the basics and google, read faqs here and there they’re your best choice.

  • the mac os x built-in disc utility can burn toast, dmg and iso images out of the box, no need for a toast install in those cases. so maybe, just maybe some kind of a ‘cue/bin to iso’(or toast or dmg) image converter might solve all your disk image burning needs.

so much for information overload, enjoy your stay :wink:

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