Burning corrupted data with pioneer dvr-k16d

hi guys. I’ve got a few weeks ago a vaio laptop, equipped with a pioneer dvd writer (dvr-k16d) and I’ve got the following problem. When I try to burn a dvd everything starts ok, but suddenly in the middle of the process, the drive starts to get a bit noisy, and the burning speed decreases notoriously ( I can hear the disc spinning at this point) After that, sometimes the burning process continues as usual, and sometimes the same noisy thing occurs a couple more of times. When its finished, I checked the dvd disc integrity using the nero option for doing so, and I used also an option in the total commander tool for checking integrity of the data. The results are very dissapointing. The first two dvd’s that i burned were perfectly, no errors. After that, all the dvd’s that I’ve burned have corrupted data.

Some points:

I’ve burned 3 times the same data on 3 tipes of different media, and I’ve noticed that the unit gets noisy at the same points across the process. What could that means… maybe some buffer issue ? data issues ? (the data on the HD seems to be ok) … go figure …

I’ve burned the data at 3 different speeds, and the results are just the same on all of them. (2x, 6x, 8x)

Dma is enable, the dvd drive is set as master.

I’m able to access the disc and sometimes the information that is “corrupted” can be copied on to the hard drive, sometimes it can not.

I’m Using windows 2003 server sp1, intel chipset 945gm
The device manager tells something about a scsi dvd drive.

Could it be a buffer issue? what could I do, the laptop is new… to change a whole laptop with a screen without dead pixels just for the dvd unit ? :sad
Are there some tests to do ?

any help would be REALLY aprecciated. thanks in advance.

Use better media, that is rule #1.

Start with Verbatim and TY.