Burning copyrighted wma files



what software do i need to burn copyrighted wma files


This from googling " [B]what software do i need to burn copyrighted wma files[/B]"


You will need a valid license to play the files. Tunebite can copy them as they are played.


I’ve posted this a couple of times & I’m still waiting for someone to try this method & post back if it works.
I don’t have any copyrighted wma files & I don’t want to buy any just to test this. If you give it a try please post back & tell me if it worked for you.

I found this YouTube a while back.

Watch this YouTube:

Sometimes this link doesn’t work if it doesn’t do a search at YouTube with " Convert DRM Protected WMA Music File "
There are 3 “options” on the video. The Freeme or Tunebyte ones shouldn’t be necessary only the last “option”.The creater of the video also says this is the best method.
The video suggests Daemon tools for the virtual CD .Some people have problems with Daemon tools .I suggest getting the VirtualCloneDrive from slysoft. If you already have a virtual drive try it first.
Now try this:
Simply put in the YouTube video
1.He uses Nero to make an image file of the protected download.
So you need software that will make an image file from the downloaded file or files.Maybe ImgBurn.
2. A virtual drive to mount the image file in.
The one I have is VirtualCloneDrive.
3. A converter software to convert the file on the virtual drive,He converts to .mp3 .
I have dBpowerAmp . The trial version now available should do the conversion.
An alternative would be Format Factory.