Burning copy protected music from harddrive

I have on my hard drive some music wich is copy protected. I want to burn them on a cd but the program I am using does not read the music files (Nero) The hardwear is Aopen crw 2440

You say they are copyprotected? And on your HD? Hmm… what kind of filetype are we talking about?

Most likely WMA
I know there is a way around that, just can’t remember how.

But it would be nice to have more details on what kind of protection, what kind of music files and the software you use (burning software and OS)

There is a certain program (the name, I forgot) that can crack the copy-protection in WMA files.

There’s however another way to “fool” the copyprotection. Although it takes quite some time, it sure works.

At first, make a playlist of all those files you want to put on CD. After that, start a waverecorder and set your recording device to “wave”.
Now play the files, and record a wave at once.
After the songs are finished, you’ve mad 1 big wave-file with all the music in it! Cut in into pieces and burn!

ps better not touch your computer while doing this, every sound your computer makes (e.g. a windows-bleep) will be recorded and mixed with the music!

Ehm DN, if you do this. The chances are big that the quality will degrade. Something I would not like! :smiley:

Check out the CDFreaks article found at http://www.cdfreaks.com/news2.php3?ID=2818
It reveals all.

The files in question are wma files and are protected with DRM version 1.0. does anyone have a way around that?
Thanks for all the replys

Originally posted by Wookie
Ehm DN, if you do this. The chances are big that the quality will degrade. Something I would not like! :smiley:

Quality won’t degrade since it’s a digital recording: you directly record the soundcard’s output to a wave file, without any cables or other hardware/software between it :slight_smile:

And for WMA goes that no loss of quality can be heard, it sucks anyway@

I found an older thread about this and there was talking about a software called unfuck.exe but the link to it no longer works.
Does anyone know where I can find this software.

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Try Kazaa or Morpheus.

Hmm … the link to FreeMe.exe on the register works fine…

FreeMe.exe strips the encryption from the WMA file