Burning copy protected DVDs

i just got a dvd burner and the software i recieved was Nero. Does anyone know how to burn copy protected dvds??


dvd shrink+dvd decrypter, anydvd+clonecd, all good options to rip and burn.

  • ben :slight_smile:

dvd shrink+dvd decrypter, anydvd+clonecd, all good options to rip and burn.

CloneCD+AnyDVD won’t work, you will need CloneDVD+AnyDVD!, unless of course it’s under 4.7gb and needs no compression :wink:

yeh sorry! my mistake, i meant to write clonedvd but with all the talk of clonecd now copying dvd’s i got confused!

i personaly use AnyDVD and CloneDVD, as DVD-9 to DVD-5 takes about 15 mins on my computer and looks as good as DVD Shrink with Advanced anylisis (takes at least 1 hour)

sorry for any confusion!

  • ben :slight_smile:

CloneCD does a good job for non-protected media. If it’s got CSS on it the obvious choice is dvd decrypter, bur it with whatever even dvd decrypter :slight_smile:

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You mean CloneDVD?

Why is everyone getting confused between the products? CloneDVD is for backing up films and CloneCD is for the backing up of games!

What about with the new enhancements on DVD Shrink V3.2?

Because in CloneCD 5 Beta they added DVD support.

If we are talking about protected dvd films (css) then clonecd can on backup films that are <4.7 and non-protected.

If you are talking about games on dvd (which this thread isn’t) then yes, they have added support for safedisc emulation!

i use 123 xcopy and it works great with my 3500. Also my brother uses xcopy with his computer with 3500ag and he has had no coasters so far—for me xcopy.

To each his own

OK that makes sense, cloneCD for games and Clone DVD for movies…thanks for explaining what they are used for.

Thing is CloneDVD won’t copy CSS either - you need to use CSS+Region Free running in the background since cloneDVD won’t remove CSS. Personally I just use DVD Decrypter for CSS movies and so far it’s worked fine :smiley:

My opinion on 123 DVD Xcopy is a horrible app, it NOT only adds in a silly backup warning screen (that didn’t help them in court) it seems to change the DVD format into DVD-ROM format which some players dislike!