Burning copy protected disks with Nero

Hi, Can someone tell me what software I need to use to backup copy-protected DVDs I own?

Thank you

Easiest is AnyDVD and CloneDVD at Slysoft.com. Freebies include Shrink and DVD Decrypter. Do a GOOGLE search for both.

Hi. Since you titled this “Burning…with Nero”, I assume you already have Nero installed on your machine. Some tips…

[ul][li]First, I’d recommend you have the latest and greatest version of Nero…it should be (as of February 21, 2005). You can find the latest version here (if you’re in the US).
[/li][li]Next, go get yourself DVD Shrink. It can be found here. Note that the latest version is and you may hear discussion that DVD Shrink is not longer being supported and improved on. That’s true, but don’t worry. DVD Shrink as it stands still will work just fine.
Using these two applications together (Nero and DVD Shrink), you should now be able to “backup copy-protected DVDs” you own. One more small tip…using DVD Shrink, I highly recommend that you “turn on” both the “Perform deep analysis before backup” option and “compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation” option:

Have fun!

Hi, First of all thanks to both of you.

Could you help me with my this post also please? http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=131295

I do not understand why my Sony doesn’t play the DVD if the disk is region free. Video format of the disk is PAL but when I make the disk region free, shouldn’t the player treat the disk as NTSC and just play it?

Thanks again.

Now I’ve used DVDShrink to put image onto HDD, what option in Nero 6 latest version do I now use to burn to blank DVD? Is it as simple as that?

Not bought any DVD media yet either, any recommendations?

Not by a long shot. Region codes are simply another form of copy protection, removing them just makes the disc more universal. PAL and NTSC formats are very different. A PAL DVD’s resolution is 720 x 576. PAL’s DVD framerate is 25 FPS. NTSC- The resolution of an NTSC DVD is 720 x 480. NTSC’s DVD framerate is 29.97 FPS. So if your TV and DVD Player is PAL and NTSC compatible (most newer ones are) you’ll have no problems, but if its PAL or NTSC only, without some sort of third party converter it wont work. So you’d have to convert the format using a program such as TMPGEnc.

Preferences -> File I/O -> Check “Enable burning with Nero”

This way Nero will burn automatically once ripping is done.

So will I need Nero open or what?

I’ve used DVD Shrink to put a film on to my HDD, now how I put it onto a blank DVD with Nero?



Use Nero Express,choose your DVD burner from the top of the panel,then choose DVD files,then it will prompt you to chhose the files from the drive DVD Shrink ripped them to. Then chhose the name of the movie,d/click,then highlight the ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder,and click on ‘add’,the go further with the number of copies you want,then click on burn. Write back,and let me know if it works for you…:slight_smile:

Regarding your post asking for a program that works with Nero, I use DVD 43 Free and find it does a great job.

The download site iswww.dvd43.com . It has a good write up there and I have had no problems with it with Nero or my One Click Copy that I also use for DVD burning.

At this site they also offer suggestions if you do have issues with the program, however as I have said for me it is working fine!



Success!! Didn’t get a blank DVD-R until today as my delivery still has not arrived. Had to borrow one. It plays in my PS2 OK but my Toshiba DVD player says error. It is about 3 years old so I did think it might not work in that. I’ve got PS2 linked up to TV via toslink for surround sound and got a remote control so I’m not going to buy another DVD player.

Thanks for your help.


Try out AnyDVD like others here have suggested. I use Nero Recode (latest Shrink) and DVD Rebuilder (CCE) for the over 70% compression stuff.