Burning Copy Protected (css) DVDs

Does anyone know what software I could use to burn css encrypted or general copy protected dvds to sell?

No you won’t find anyone here to help you but the info is all here and a lot of other places also.

Hint: It’s the word [B]sell[/B]

It could be a legitimate question regarding home made materials…for which he owns the copyright…

I don’t think you are reading it right :wink:

He wants to know how to burn DVDs with CSS or other protection…could still be about home made DVDs to which he wants to add a protection. I can especially understand this if he wants to sell these and not want others to making illegal copies of his copyrighted materials…

That is not what this person asked but i’m not the cop here you are.

Its a great way to make money but is also illegal.

can u give a full description of path for making a DATA cd copy protected,i have tried many software but was unsuccessfull.please let me know soon as my project is in urgent need,thank u.Or if any other software can do it please let me know,thanks a million

I understand what are you asking, I have the same dilema, I do video editin for Birthdays and Weddings ans all kind the event and I need to protect my material so other will not copy my work, if you find something that works please let me know.

I have a similar question:

Put in a CD-R which had some data on it. Went to command prompt, format and tried to convert it, but it was “write protected” and it couldn’t be formatted. Any suggestions?

Welcome Ryutso,

maybe you can be more precise describing the problem and give us more info what you try to copy and how?

You can author a CSS compliant DVD with Scenarist, DVDMaestro, and DVD Studio Pro (perhaps others).

If I recall correctly, you cannot apply CSS to a disc with a consumer DVD writer, this must be done with a properly equipped disc press.


You can searching some dvd coverter by google