Burning completes, reads fail

Lately I’ve been burning unreadable discs nonstop with my NEC writer and Windows XP. I’ve verified the stuff I’m burning is not bad to begin with by writing them to the same DVD-Rs, which were purchased through Supermediastore and labelled as Taiyo Yuden, on my notebook machine. I’ve had the drive for more than a year now and probably burned close to 300+ discs so I’m wondering if this is a sign to replace the drive?

Some extra info… The discs I’ve burned lately with the NEC writer completes the writing process, but when I watch them in my Philips DVD player it would freeze at a random spot on the disc. Tried playing it on the notebook’s drive and it would freeze at that same spot. Usually when you write a disc in one complete pass the whole disc has one circular mark on the disc that shows where the write ended. On discs burned with this NEC writer you can see numerous circular marks towards the outer edges of the disc.

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Do these Taiyo Yuden media have a brand name and are they 8x rated or 16x rated?
Also, at which speed are you burning them?

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Also which model NEC burner and firmware are you having trouble with?

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The Taiyo Yuden discs I have are rated at 4x according to Supermediastore. The burn speed I am not too sure of because the software I use never makes mention of the speed at which it’s writing. The software is Intervideo’s DVDCopy… is there a way to restrict the speed at which this drive writes at? I have the NEC ND-3500AG and I’m using version 2.18 firmware.