Burning coasters

I just bought a new computer. I Installed my NEC3500, and reloaded 1Click and the latest version of anydvd. I have tried to backup 3 movies since then, Thumbwars and 2 Veggietale movies for my boys. All three have gone through the entire burning process with no errors. When I try to play them,in three different players and my burner, they lockup that player. I have no idea what is going on, and I am wondering if there is some setup I need to do to make sure 1Click is working. Any Ideas? :frowning:

Those three other players are standalones ? if not, you’re a victim of CPRM !

Yes, they are all standalones. Two are Sony, both are less than a year old and the other is a Walmart offbrand. it is about 6 months old. I’m sorry for asking a stupid question, but what is CPRM?

Content Protection Recordable Media
A lot of dvd drive manufacturers have decided to build this in their (pc) drives, so when a digital content provider (on storage media or broadcasts) switches this “tag” on, a CPRM supported drive doesn’t see this disc, or won’t copy on or to CPRM supported flash cards, and the same may also come into effect on ATA hard disks,
because it works along the ATA protocol, but this is not yet official.

btw. Standalone DVD players should play this content normal,
but i guess they doo transport the tag/signal, that will trigger build-in CPRM protection electronics in pc hardware.

Which version of 1Click are you using?
What options are you choosing?

the CPRM tag just shuts down your drive’s internal operating system,
or it sets the tag on the burned disc(s) so it can’t be copied again,
only special licenced software can control the CPRM function,
or it’s “baked” into the drive and can’t be controled at all.
When you have a non-compatible CPRM drive, you don’t have the problem, so by not buying a CPRM compatible drive you also help this protection type to exstinct…

would using or changing the firmware (modded firmware) help with this or not???

I am using the latest version of 1click I think it’s, I updated it when I got my new computer. I am burning only the movie, no menus, special features or anything else…;Thanks to Fugitive for the explanation. Question though, the drive I am having trouble with is my 3500, I took it from my old computer. The one that came with the computer is an LG 1464. I have the same problem with it.


try addressing your issue over here

Thanks for all of you help, I turns out I had a bad memory stick. Once I removed it, everything is working fine. :o

When CPRM is involved yes, it could, but only if this is announced to do so, so be very carefull, only do this when you know the source is the OEM, or reports from other users.

Could you name a title or two, or three, with CPRM protection?

Some are already in discussion in Copy DVD movie Forum here on the CDFreaks site, also identified as CPPM
typical diagnostic: plays in standalone player but not even visible under windows, like there’s no disc in drive, then its CPPM.

OLD dvd rom player will do trick, i guess…