Burning Clones with LiteOn LTR-48246s

When I burn clones with my Liteon Drive should I be able to play them in that same drive?? I keep getting error tryin to play in the liteon but works fine when I burn with liteon and put in my tdk burner to play… A true 1:1 copy should work in anything?? Thanks for the help in advance–:confused:

Yes, a true 1:1 should work in anything…but for the most part there isn’t such a thing as 1:1 anymore when cloning games. I’m not going to get into that though…

In answer to your question, the backup you burn with your Lite-On should work in all drives if copies properly…but not if the protection has an ATIP check.

An ATIP check is when the protection basically checks to see if you are playing from the original pressed disc, or a standard issue CD-R disc.

A CD-R disc has ATIP information on it right out of the package, and this information is not on the original pressed disc. Because of this difference, some games check to see this, and if they find the ATIP information, then they won’t execute the game to play.

To get around this you need to hide the ATIP information from games that have this added protection, and that’s the main feature of the “Hide CDR Media” option in the CloneCD tray.

With that on you should be able to play your backup (if cloned properly) in any CDR-CDRW drive. :slight_smile:

Please note that CD-Roms normally cannot read ATIP information, and because of this the Hide CDR Media option is not needed during playback in a normal CD-Rom.

I hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help!! =)

You’re quite welcome. :wink: