Burning,..clonedvd2 vs nero?

would there be any real quality difference between these 2 once a movie was written to my hard drive using clonedvd2. :confused:
thanks in advance.

Depends are you trying to make a 1:1 duplicate or going from dvd+9 to dvd+5?

just doing the main movie SL dvd5.
using clonedvd to put it on my hard drive to burn at a later time,…which burning program would be better,…I would think that it wouldn’t make any difference if I burned with nero burning-rom or clonedvd to burn it as far as the quality of the burn. :doh:

Here something to ask what is the format of the movie on the dvd ? SL or DL media? And how old is that movie you never mentioned what kinda movie there so many other without a detail movie where just grasping for straws?