Burning clips from computer to DVD

Hi I am trying to burn the video clips from my jvc camcorder to a DVD through my computer. I am using the jvc software, it goes through the initializing process then when it comes to burning it comes up with the message that burning was incomplete and it failed to initialse disk EB020BD8. I have tried several types of DVD disks normal DVD re writables + and - RW imation and verbatim, but get the same message. I am using a laptop which is Toshiba it is 4 years old and is using the windows xp. I would love some help as I have 1 years worth of clips I need to get off my camera onto disc.:rolleyes:

If you just transfer the clips from your camera to your pc what is the file extension, avi, mpg,mov, etc? In other words, what video format does the camera use to record? I’m not familiar with JVC software, what is the name of the program? Does your laptop burn anything else without problem, like a music CD or a data DVD?