Burning CD's



I was wondering if anyone might be able to answer me this question? I’ve downloaded a few live album recordings in mp3 format. When I go to burn them so I can play them in my stereo, I set it to record DAO and set the gap to 0. However, when I play the CD’s back, thier still remains a split second gap you can hear. Does anyone know how to get a seamless joining/recording of such disks? Thanx for the help.:cool:


most of the times when you download a mp3 at the end there is a gap from 2 seconds orso, and with burning them with dao won’t help you further then, then you’ll need progs like cooledit 2000, to cut the gap away from the mp3 song, and when you burn it then to a cd , you can listen to it without a gap


How about when you rip a live concert CD? Does it automatically put a 2 second gap there even if the original had no gap? Just wondering. Thanx


yup, you can do that…
I use feurio to copy my original cd’s to cd’s…
and if don’t touch a thing in option it makes an exact copy.
sorry I don’t know how to set the options right, but default settings work fine with me. Oh yeah I almost forgot…I write in the cd-text for future use…I’m planing to buy an audio with cd-text feature.
And Nero(NERO RULES!) does the job too! I’m not sure what the settings were(sorry:)), but you can set to burn without gaps…try for yourself…


Audio 1:1 » CDRwin
Audio comp » Nero
Data comp » Nero
Data 1:1 » CloneCD

Last 200 cd’s using my Plex1210 never had a failure!!! :stuck_out_tongue: