Burning cd's

Help. I’ve just started downloading music through limewire. I believe I signed up with Mymusicinc. AT least I think that’s what it was. Anyways I have no problem downloading the music but when I go to burn it through my Nero Start SMart it won’t let me do anything. I have no idea how to copy it onto my drive Is there a better program out there that lets me burn cd’s. I’ve been spending hours on this trying to figure it out and I keep buying things I don’t need. Thanks

What is the make and model of your CD or DVD drive? Do you get any error messages when you use Nero?

Presumably the songs are in mp3 format as this is usual.

You could try this very simple , free burning app (Burrrn) http://www.burrrn.net/.
It’ll convert from mp3 to audio CD format for you and burn the result to your CD writer.

Hi Sharon, I noticed on your other thread that you said you couldn’t find a help key. When you open Nero Startsmart, if you don’t see the 3 dropdown menu’s on the left, there is a little arrow on the left-hand edge of the Startsmart Window. Click on that & you should see 3 menu’s, Applications, Nero Toolkit, & Manuals. This hopefully will get you started. Once you get the hang of Nero it really is a great program. If needed, ask for more help. Good Luck!!