Burning CDs Without "Skipping" Inserted

I have used Windows Media Player for a while with no problems, but after the last update, any CDs I compile and burn from the media library have “skipping” - interruptions - in each track making the CD useless. This driving me to distraction - what can I do to over come this? I am more than willing to trash WMP but I wonder if I can use the music files already saved on the hard drive (a lot of CDs & a lot of time spent ripping). I know this is the fair use something-or-other, but they’re my CDs and I use them on my systems for my entertainment - not for others. I can copy CDs (and record albums) onto cassettes and audio tape without this hassle; it has really got me steamed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…:a
Thanks in advance,
Maj Dad

Try VLC (free) and let us know if the files play well.


I just downloaded & installed VLC but it won’t play the disks, and it doesn’t have a burn capability anyway, so I can’t use it to burn disks to use on my other systems. Still looking…

Thanks for the help, nonetheless - it is appreciated.
Maj Dad