Burning cd's without administrative rights?

Is there any free software that allows users without administrative privileges to burn cds? I’ve tried Burn At Once, and if i give the user full rights on it’s install folder, the program starts, but when i add files and start burning, nothing happens, the program locks itself. Does anyone know?

The product probably uses a temporary folder to store the images on which the user doens’t have enough rights, therefore the program locks itself.

Hm. I think you need to install a burning program having logged in as an administrator user, and in the setup, find the option “who do you want to use this program” with choices “just me” and “everyone”, check “everyone”. Then when a non-administrator logs in, they should be able to burn. I don’t know if there is such an option for Burn At Once.

Nero BurnRights allows users without administrative rights to burn CDs with Nero. The administrator is able to setup user accounts with exclusive “burn rights” for Nero.