Burning cd's with HP 8100



Is it at all possible to copy a protected cd with the HP 8100 burner. Everything I have read seems to say that I can't because it won't allow for write errors....
Any help or links to info would be great.



You can’t make a 1:1 copy of some copy protected games but it is still possible to make working copies of protected games with your CD burner. You should get CloneCD and ClonyXL. CloneCD is the best CD copying software to use for copying games and ClonyXL scans a CD to tell you what type of copy protection it uses and gives you the settings to use for CloneCD. Check this article out here for some ideas on how to bypass Safedisc 2 copy protection. Read here for info of other types of copy protections. If you can’t get something to copy using these methods check GameCopyWorld for a patch. You might also want to take a look @ Daemon Tools.