Burning CD's with crossfading? Realplayer unreliable

Hello-- can someone tell me if there is a ‘media player/burning software’ where I can crossfade songs that I am going to burn on a CD that is not Realplayer?? What would really be cool is if I had even more control, so rather than either not having any crossfade or having every song crossfade as the only options, it would be great if I could maybe select fro no crossfading between song 1 & 2, 5 second crossfade between song 2 & 3, 10 seconds between 3 & 4, and so on. I need to crossfade songs sometimes because I make CD’s for belly dancing shows. I upgraded to realplayer plus a couple years ago which allows equal crossfading of all the songs on a disc, but honestly I have had to throw away at least 100 CD’s due to unsuccessful burns (whether I was using that feature or not)- half the time I end up having to use Windows Media Player after all-- which never gives me any trouble but I can’t crossfade!!

Now granted, I just upgraded to the newest Realplayer so don’t know if I’ll have as much trouble with burning, but about the same time I upgraded I started suffering computer freezes- a lot- so yesterday I uninstalled realplayer. Later I froze up again so figured it wasn’t related after all and re-installed it. It took FOREVER to install, and when I tried to burn it gave me a lot of trouble and seemed to be moving from task to task quite slowly. I finally was able to burn a disc just as I was about to switch to WMP, but I can’t take the stress of having this thing play games when it’s time for me to be heading out the door with my music.

I know I can cut songs and paste them together in programs like Audacity or RipEditBurn, but I’m talking quick and easy for multiple CD’s- not having to customize every single performance by spending an hour beforehand cutting the songs up. HELP!

P.S.-- although I said I’d love the option of having the different amounts of crossfading between songs, I’m willing to go with just the basic thing like Realplayer has-- where all the songs have to, so don’t hesitate to recommend whatever you know about ;o)

When trying to [B]dabble[/B] in the professional audio field, I used to use cooledit pro and would crop dead air from individual tracks, it was more an art than a science since a lot of music tails off, after preliminary work(eg. normalizing) with cooledit I then used nero premium to kill the 2 second gaps and crossfade between tracks. Each song would fade into the next and surprisingly track selection still works.

The version of Nero I have says there is a media player, but it seems to only want to allow me to choose one song at a time. I have no clue how I would go about making a CD with that program-- I’ll play around with it some more and see if I’m missing something-- I have used Nero to burn directly from disc to disc but not to burn media that I have in my computer-- guess I would need to upgrade to the premium. Thanks for the info on cool edit- I’ll check it out, but it sounds similar to RipEditBurn, in the sense that I use that program also to shorten songs, cut a piece off the end, or put two tracks together, which is great to be able to do but also time-consuming. The beauty of Realplayers crossfade was it took two seconds to select the feature and the whole CD would be done instantly-- IF and when it actually burned at all!!!

The disks I worked on were being played in one of the larger clubs in the USA, dead air was frowned on to say the least, when you are trying to emulate a dj cueing up songs in a denon dual deck player. Choosing your blanks and burners is critical, nec, plextor and most name brand newer dvd burners with ty, verbatim or sony blanks is the only way to go. Keeping your burn speed down to 32x or even 16x is also critical. When you get the bugs out there’s no point in checking your burns, you will have 99.+% success rate.

using nero and opening express I have the option to make an audio cd from mp3’s, normalize, kill the 2 second pause and crossfade

if I had to burn 100 after doing a master I would sure make an image and burn from that

Check out EZ Audio Recorder. That site has some interesting ways of handling material. You might also want to look at Acoustica’s site for more choices. Ashampoo has a Music editor in their line that works well for my needs. Ultimately, you will probably want something like PCDJ to get the mix set up for burning.
Just my 2 cents

Thanx- will look into all of those-- good advice DaChew, on the blank discs- yes, I’ve found that this can be an issue. But what I meant by unsuccessful burns wasn’t that I’d listen to the CD and there’d be something wrong with it (actually maybe I should have tried listening to see what the result was!!!) but that Realplayer would tell me the burn wasn’t successful, or I guess really what would happen is that it would start to burn but get stuck on track 1 or 2 and never go any further, but if I tried to start the burn over again the CD I’d had in there was already junked because it had started to burn something on it (and it would say to put in a new disc or tracks won’t fit), so I’d have to put in a new one. Also, it would often say the disc was dirty but if tried again to burn on the same disc it might work-- and if I gave up and went to WMP it would burn on that disc with no problem. So it was just Realplayer being difficult for the most part.

Usually I am just burning one copy of whatever it is I’m burning (although it probably would be smart to make a few and have some extra shows lying around for the days when I’m in a hurry and can’t get it to burn when I need to), it’s just I often end up having to try three times before I actually get a completed disc that didn’t get hung up.

I’ll have to check my version of Nero and see what it is…

You might be able to use WinAmp with a DJ plugin to create the fades and the WAV output module.

I use CD Architect from Sonic Foundry (now Sony) It’s probably overkill for what you want to do, the price certainly is. It handles crossfades and much more, but it’s aimed at the pro market for CD Audio mastering and has a steep learning curve.

I am looking for crossfading + normalizing (so that the volume ends up sounding about the same). Any suggestions for software that does both?

Or is a two step process better? What would be good for normalizing if it’s better to do seperately. I already see lots of recommendations for software. I’m really surprised that I have not found a good freeware/opensource audio-cd creation package.