Burning CD's with a Plex-760

I was wondering what are the best settings to use for burning taiyo CD-r media in the px-760.

Should I enable Power-rec?

Does vari-rec really create a better reading disc by using up the ful disc and spacing out the pits and lands?

I don’t know if the 760 has a way of burning with AMQR on as that’s what you use for slow and not full disc burning with their Premium CD drives.

Some simple rules:

Yes you should enable PoweRec.

Don’t bother with VariRec unless the results without VariRec are bad.
VariRec doesn’t change the size of pits/lands but rather the laser power.

GigaRec changes the pits/lands, but using GigaRec will decrease the compatibility of your CDs, even if you use GigaRec < 1.0x so don’t mess with GigaRec unless you absolutely need it.

Burn at 16x when burning audio and burn at 32x when burning data.

Thank you dragmester for your always insightful words of wisdom, and yes I meant Giga-rec I always get those 2 mixed up.

As for burning speed with Yuden CD-R and this is based of of my c1/c2 scans done on the px-760(therefore I am not sure how accurate my results are) indicates 32x burns are best with 48x Yuden media.

I wish I had a premium 2 or a famous lite-on cd-r drive to confirm the quality of my CD-r burn results. I can only go by what the px-760 tells me.


MY plextor PX-W2410A obviusly lacks power rec(since it was not invented at that time) I am going to assume that since it is a dedicated CD-R drive it can do just as good or probably better burns than my 760 drive, even though my px-760 c1/c2 scans indicate that it’s burns are better.

I don’t know if the 760 has a way of burning with AMQR

It’s doesn’t only the premium drive and and as far as I know Yamaha was the first to introduce this feature in CD-R burners.

The PX-W2410A is an older drive that isn’t optimized for current CD-R media.

If your PX-760 scans say that you get better burns with the PX-760 than with the PX-W2410A, then I’d trust that opinion and burn with the PX-760.

The Yamaha CRW-F1 is the only one support 8X AMQR.

The Plextor Premium II is the only other one has AMQR feature, but limited to 4X.

Come show us an 8X Yamaha scan please here :smiley:

Sure. Just need a little time to scan.

Exactly. And [B]1X[/B] recording too… This is called by Yamaha “[I]Advanced[/I]” AMQR (see here for AAMQR and here for AMQR) and is a feature not supported by any other drive (like DiskT@2 for CDs).

I think the new version of DiskT@2 calls LabelFlash. The wide available LabelScribe is HP’s baby.

The PX-W2410A is an older drive that isn’t optimized for current CD-R media

Let me guess you can no longer get low speed CD-R media, as it seems most avalible blank media today is super cheap crap stuff or High Speed Taiyo Yuden.

I noticed this, newer drives do better with high speed media.

Yes, on NEC/Optiarc drives and [I]only for DVDs[/I], not CDs.

The wide available [B]LabelScribe[/B] is HP’s baby.

LightScribe, actually.


[B]Yamaha’s Audio Master Mode = x0.85, bestCLV = approx. 7-8x [/B]


And more and more and more on that thread :smiley: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=76069

I just burned Ubuntu on a cd at 48x not bad considering speed and drive.

What do you guys think?

This is the first burn on my new 760.
Verb MII Type3 > Here

Does the 760 support offset corrected burning of audio cds when using Plextools ?