Burning cd's on a dvd



I’m thinking about backing up my music cd’s onto DVD’s but would they only play on a dvd player or could I play them in any cd player, like in the car? Thanks, Jeff.


Well they certainly won’t play in any regular CD player, as the DVD format is different from CD format. So playing them in your car is out of the question.

Actually, I’m not sure if even DVD players would be able to play the files unless they were converted to DVD-Audio. However, I’m not sure on that so someone else would have to verify.

Have you considered just buying a separate hard drive for your music?


Thanks, thats what I kinda thought too but thought i’d double check with the experts here first. I do have 2 old hard drives that should still work but fifty-sixty cents for 4.7 gigs of cd storage sure sounded good! :slight_smile:



Some DVD players will play DVD-MP3 DVDs meaning if throw all of your MP3s on data DVD they will play it similar to a CD-MP3. I have two DVD players that will do this, a Zethith DVB312 and a Polaroid DVC-2000, I haven’t checked my Memorex one yet. If you go to VideoHelp.com, under DVD players, you can search for DVD players that are DVD-MP3 complaint. As for for car, as Mike stated, you’re hosed.


As the guys said above, you need a player for the car, which plays dvd.
There are some car players, which supports dvd mp3 discs!