Burning CD's in a Sony/Opti AD7240S

With a twist. I have 7 of these drives in a VinPower Digital Shark Copier.

I have a USB port on one of the drives too.

Firmware is 1.01

Compatability issues with older readers and DVD drives using Ritek media.

Is there any firmware help for Ritek & TY media with this drive?

Should I consider voiding my warranty, pulling all 7 drives and e-baying them and buying a different SATA drive for writing these CD’s?

Thanks for reading! :sad:


Not really a newbie question Joe. Moving you to the Optiarc forum.

I completely understand and should have known better Kerry56. Thanks for being here to keep us all in the right lines! :clap:


Yo Johnny-

The Optiarc 7240S’s are known as really good CD reader/writers-

I would question the NEC 3540’s ability to do a reliable quality scan on CD media-

Would advise testing with a BenQ 1620 or 1640 (known good CD testing drives) before y’all cast these onto eBay-eh!!

Also, could you please go a bit more in-depth with your descriptions of your compatibility issues with older drives, and exactly what is wrong with the burns on TY media? Specific details help get the best answers. :iagree:

Well, I haven’t had any comebacks on TY and I’m hoping these disks are fine. I do the majority of my burning on the Ritek stuff though, and that’s where I’m having problms as outlined above. I had someone, for example, have the disk fail to recognize or fail to be able to rip all tracks in 4 out of 5 machines. The 3540 is a half way decent scanned for my purposes. If it’s saying a CD has C2 errors, it most likely is. I’ll be contacting Vinpower to also ask them what sort of solutions they have to offer. I’ll keep y’all posted.


What previous drive were you using to burn the Ritek media, by the way, that produced good results?

I had a Teac 7 target CD only duplicator that I foolishly sold cheap to “upgrade” Ugh.

Found the issue in the VinPower Digital’s menus. Thyough burn speeds were changed in the place where it’s most obvious to look, there’s another setting in another sub-menu to lock the burn speed for CD Audio. It was locked at 16X. I think things are looking alot better now. I have some searching to do to see if maybe I shouldn’t flash the firmware to 1.03 or other. Thanks for looking guys and gals! :slight_smile: