Burning CD's from iTunes to be rippped onto Xbox 360 Hard Drive

I have learned that Xbox 360 has a CD Database stored on its hard drive and when i burn my MP3’s to copy onto my Xbox 360 the Artist,Track Name & Alblum names weren’t comming up, thus i would have to spend hours renaming all the track with the revelant info.

If i use iTunes to import a retail CD and then burn the encoded MP3’s back to CD-R using iTunes all the data come up on the 360 so long as i burn the ablum exactly as it was orignally created by the Artits. However i have MP3’s
on my PC that were not encoded using iTunes and when i burn these MP3’s the data doesn’t show up on the Xbox 360.

My question is , how can i alter these MP3’s files so when they are burned that they too will show up on the 360 ?

I have verified that the properties of these iTunes encoded files and the NON-iTunes encoded files have the save version ID3 tags ( V2.3 ). As well all the other properties are the same too such as track lenght.