Burning CDs from CDs and cassettes without computer



Okay, I have two questions that will show that I’m still living in the 1990s, but here goes:

First, is there any way to burn audio CDs without using a computer? I thought there were DVD recorders that would also burn CDs.

Second, there was an article in The New York Times last week that said that Sony, TEAC and others made strand-alone audio CD recorders, in which you plug your tape deck and you can record from cassettes directly onto audio CDs. But the article gave no model numbers. Can anyone help me out with some info?


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I’ve got to ask, but why would you want to do that without a computer? :slight_smile:
You may have very good reasons that I don’t know about :wink: , but the standalone CD recorders will be quite expensive and you will only be able to use audio CDs, which are more expensive than the data CDs that are used for recording audio on a computer CD burner.
Plus, if you do this via a computer you will also have the ability to edit your cassette recordings in digital wav format to remove the hiss / background noise from the cassette.
A computer with CD burner is not too expensive, and the editing applications can be free e.g. Audacity. :iagree:


Here’s another one