Burning CD's for old car stereo CD players

my old car stereo stacker will never play burnt CD’s for some reason. is there anything i can do to make it work? burn a special way? use a special program?

it just allways skips and then cuts out and says error :frowning:

please HELP

Have you tried burning slower at 8X or 16X? Also, the less full a CD-R is the greater chance you have of it playing. It also could be your old car stereo just will not play CD-Rs and it’s not in its specs. That’s all I know. Good Luck.

yes. i didnt know about it being less full. its not in its specs to play cd-rs. thats true but how could it tell :(. im hoping there is some way arround this rather then just buying a new cd player.

Hi and Welcome!

If an older CD player is not specified to work with CD-R (or CD-RW), there is not much you can do apart from buying a new one.
Sometimes you may find media that works though, so it is a game of try-and-error. Lowering the brun speed does not help in most cases, but chosing 16x as write speed is still a good idea for other reasons.


thanks michael.

ahh well. cd players are cheap anyway.probobly cheaper and easier then buying a whole heap of different blank media for trialand error.

I had some CD-Rs burned at 40X and 24X and possibly higher speeds that would play fine on my computer and my home stereo, but not on my car stereo. I burned them at 8X and 16X and everything was fine.:slight_smile:

Yes, I would say you’re going to need a new car stereo.