Burning CDs for an old CD Player

This is maybe a silly question but…

I’ve a relatively ancient CD player (maybe about 10 years old).

Is there any format I can use to burn CDs which would play on it ?


You don’t have much to choose from; the only recordable format CD players can play is CD-R. CD-RW is supported by some players, but this is very rare.

When CD players get older, their reading capabilities often deteriorate causing them to refuse cheap media. Therefore, the only advice I can give you is to use good media (price and brand are usually good indications for the quality). I usually stick with Verbatim, Philips and TDK which never give me any problems.

Good media AND burn at lower speeds.

I’ve just read the Nero menu properly, and I think all I need is a standard audio CD format.

I was getting confused thinking I needed to choose between burning in MP3,WMA,etc format.

Thanks anyway for the advice, guys.