Burning cdrw 52327s

I have flashed my lite-on 52327s from QS09 to QS0B and now i can only burn cdrw in 24x, why???

Assuming you refer to ultra-speed RW media, I get options for 16x and 24x in QS0B.

Yes I´ve got the same options, I heard that I must have 32x medium to get options to burn in 32x, the burner knows what medium you have in the burner and because of that I don´t get 32x options! or am I wrong?

OK, I didn’t understand your question. Yes you must have 32x media in the drive to get the 32x burn option. And there is no 32x media as yet.

Oki thanks for your help !

I have gone back to QS09 anywas cos the amount of errors using Verbatim 24X CD-RW under QS0B was astronomical with my drive.

I have no problems with my Verbatim 24x:s cdrw medium and the QS0b firmware!