Burning CD

Ok i have downloaded an avi file and i want to put it on disc. Ok now ive dun that and i put it in the DVD player. The screen is blak and there is no audio. Why?

btw i also tried playing it on a VCD Player and it still got a black screen. But 4 my movie to work on Puter, i needed Xvid. Hasnt my DVD or VCD Player got Xvid?

Have you read the tutorials section in our DivX and Video Editing forum?

You cannot simply burn an AVI to CD and expect the DVD player to read it…but read the above-mentioned tutorials and you’ll learn alot and produce a working CD…

This only applies to legally downloaded avi files of course…

AVI files are usually divx/xvid movies, and they cannot be played on a stand-alone dvd player. There are certain stand-alone dvd players that can play divx but they are rare and don’t work with the old format divx (3.11) because it was an illegal hacked one. You can watch it on your pc though through Windows Media player (and a lot of other free players, available on internet somewhere). U have to have the proper codecs installed for it though. The best codec pack around, that will enable you to watch almost every format is ffdshow, which can be found at http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_tools/ffdshow.cfm#download