Burning CD

I`m trying to burn an audio cd through Nero 7 Essentials and the burn is failing Would you have a look at my attachment please?

Sounds like bad media and since we don’t know what the media rated speed is that hard to know what happened? Knowing the media rate speed would be helpful. Usually it’s best burned at half the media rated speed. Also essential is a very limited in what it can do since it’s not a full version.

[B]Thank You. I originally used “make audio cd” but then i tried “make data cd” and it burned ok.(attachment) I naturally thought that the “make audio cd” would be the one to use?? So what do you think? [/B] :slight_smile:


Were those files audio files or data files? That would determine if you use make audio or make data cd. But I only have Nero 6 Ultra so I don’t know how 7 works but I do use 6 to burn Audio cds and it works out fine and plays fine in my car audio player.

[B]Theyr`e music files from a vinyl LP record i put on my computer through Sound Forge . As far as i know they are all data files. Anyway it worked through “make data cd”.[/B]

[B]I did some googling and found whats in my attachment. I dont really understand all of it.[/B] :slight_smile:


on a side note. i droped nero ages ago it’s bloated. after version 6 it got to bloated. besides nowadays there’s good FREE alternatives to Nero now like i list below :wink:

ImgBurn ( http://www.imgburn.com ) is what i recommend for DATA.

CDBurnerXP ( http://cdburnerxp.se/ ) is pretty much what i recommend for AUDIO CD’s.

both are FREE.

but anyways… if those files you got are .wav files they should burn fine to a regular CD-R.

[B]Thank You. Is Imgburn good for burning music audio cds? Nero 7 did burn them ok but the cd plays on my computer but not on the stereo cd player. I can see it running on the stereo cd player but no sound. Im not using a well known brand disc maybe thats it?? [/B] :slight_smile:

[B]Another thought is there one like CD burner free that burns dvds? I tried CD burner free and it works great where Nero was no good. Cheers.[/B] :bigsmile:

ImgBurn is my main burning program for dvds, both data and video burns. It has replaced Nero for me. ImgBurn also works well for burning Blu ray video.

I don’t burn audio cds often, but I have made a few cue files with ImgBurn and burned them as audio cds and it worked just fine.

ImgBurn’s interface is a little different than what you are used to, and make take some patience to learn, but it is a fine program.

Is Imgburn good for burning music audio cds?

well as Kerry56 said… it CAN burn Audio CD’s, BUT it’s not really made for it as you typically need to use .cue files as far as i can tell (i never looked into the details but using the program in general it’s clearly made for DATA related stuff) . but if you got .mp3 or .wav etc etc it’s far better to use the ‘CDBurnerXP’ program as it’s interface and general use is MUCH better for AUDIO CD’s than ImgBurn is IMHO. but for DATA i prefer ImgBurn as that’s pretty much all i use since i 99 out of 100 times i typically burn DATA related stuff.

ImgBurn’s interface is a little different than what you are used to, and make take some patience to learn, but it is a fine program.

that’s pretty much the bottom line :wink:

as for people used to the standard Nero type interface (and aint to familiar with computers in general) might find ImgBurn a little confusing/different but it’s really not hard to use once you learn some basics on it.

[B]Thank You. I`m having a look at DVD Flick also. When i tried to burn the audio music files with Nero 7 it showed messages (see attached) and “could not perform start of disc at once” and the burn failed but CD burner XP free had no such problem.[/B] :bigsmile:


Nero Express is not the full version of Nero and may have some built in limitations designed to push users towards buying the full Nero Burning Suite. A policy which definitely influences my opinion of the company.

Combine that with their unfinished/bug ridden releases which don’t really mature until right before they come out with a new edition, and you can see why I switched to ImgBurn.

Their video editing/transcoding functions are easily surpassed using free tools as well as the burning side.

[B]Yes i agree entirely. [/B] :iagree: