Burning CD Text Audio CD on a non-cd-text capable CD-RW drive

I know its a stupid question but, is it possible to burn CD-Text Audio CD on a non-cd-text capable CD-RW Drive.

I have HP CD Writer Plus 9140i identified by the CD Writing Softwares by HP CD Writer+ 9100b.

Thanx in advance.

The only way possible to me would be using firmware of another manufacturer that does allow CD-Text to be written.

But this is very tricky and in only a few cases possible (flashing hardware as if it were another model, one example is the HP8100 flashing to a sony model, or a HP model that once could be flashed to another HP model so it could burn at higher speeds) and is always at your own risk.

For your type of burner no such solution is known to me (but that doesn’t say much :wink: ), so I would say no to your answer, this is not possible.