Burning CD-R's


I’m having trouble burning CD-R’s. Actually, they work but on my computer. I use HP’s record now. Should I be using other software to burn them?

It’s actually hard to say anything based on such a poor description.
Give us more details, like, what’s the drive that you use, what’s the media and what’s your system configuration.

I use an LG 4167b. I’m using TDK media and I have an HP713c computer-that would be a pentium 4, 3.07gb.

Well thats helpful, but when you say your having trouble, what is it your trying to burn, and what type of device do you expect it to play back in?

Are you trying to burn music cd’s, video cd’s, game cd’s? It’s still pretty vague even thought we now alittle more info about some of your hardware. What OS are you using and what software are you currently using to burn your cd-rs

We do like to help, but give us a little more to work with friend.


Sorry, I am trying to burn music CD-R’s. I have windows xp and I’m using HP’s record now software. I’m trying to get the CD-R’s to play on my standalone CD-R players. I am burning from a copy that has been burned already. I notice that copy works, why doesn’t mine?

I would suggest trying a different brand of disc. Burning with Record Now is OK. It’s probably the CD player not liking the brand of media you’re using.

I’m not familiar with recordnow, and the media issue is a valid point. What I have run into in the past is with software I’ve used, Nero and Roxio, you must close the session if you want to make the disc playable in a tradition cd player, if the session is open, it will only be playable on your pc.

Record Now is just another burning software that is common of Compaq and HP PCs. I’ve used it and it does automatically close (finalize) the disc. Yep, I think it’s a media issue.

To the original poster … Have you tried any other brand disc besides TDK? Try another brand. I don’t like TDK CD-Rs anyway. I was just going through some old discs and re-burning some that were on cheap or poor media and the TDKs IDed as CMC Mags which are the worst. Try Maxell. The Maxells I bought last night at WalMart were made in Japan and IDed as Taiyo Yudens. These were the Maxell Music 32X Colored 50 pack spindles CD-R.

Good luck!


If you just happened to buy your TDK CD-R’s at Costco - they could be made in China!!!

Any CD-R’s made in Japan will be ok - like the Maxell ones that PomMom got at Walmart-


:sad: I just bought some at compusa -Sony. I still can’t play them other than on my pc! Please help :sad:

Is the “other” player a Sony? I have seen some of the Sony players (probably 5 or 6 years ago) not able to read any cd-r media. I backed up some cd’s for a friend and they would not play in her new Sony sound system but would play fine on her old system she gave her daughter.

Have had the same problem with Maxell cd-r’s in my Philips\Magnavox DVD player (for tv viewing). Decided for now to hook up my old (vintage '87 Toshiba) cd player. No problems with it. It even tries to play MP3 disks!!! (Now that’s an obnoxious sound!!!)

You don’t mention the rated speed of the discs or the burning speed you use.

Some discs burnt at too high or too slow speeds will be of lesser burning quality and won’t be compatible with all players.

These are 32x Sony’s. One of my standalone players is a bose the other a general electric brand.

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