Burning cd-r problems

Hi guys,

I have my nec 2510a installed and up and running, but I am having problems buring cd-r’s

I tried a few bin/cue image burns with no luck, they read up to a certain point then freeze when reading, but the burns finish 100% complete and succesful

and the bin/cue files are working fine as I have tried moutning them with daemon tools to check

the dvd burns seem fine so fine, just cd-r

when I look at the under side of the cd’s it looks a little weird, as normally you can see what is burnt to the disk by the colour

but on my cd’s it does that, then there looks like some kind of unburnt area in a small ring area going around the cdr, then burnt area again

the cd-r’s are verbatim and they work on my other two burners fine

can anyone help

sorry also tried different burning software all latest versions, same problem

Are the images made of copyrighted software? If so, it may be that the NEC cannot write the copy protection probably. deamon tools are having some clever emulation tools that make up for such defects in most cases.

If you are using Nero or Clone-CD, you could try to make an image of a non-protected disc, burn that and see if it is better.

I actually had problems with certain media. I had some LeadData branded as Great Quality 32x CD-R’s left over from awhile back and every single one I tried to burn in either my Lite-On 451S DVD-RW or my HP420i would come out a coaster. I couldn’t read the data back from either drive after the burn even though it appeared to burn properly.

I then burned a HP 48x CD-R off of that data and that was a perfect disc. That was a CMC Magnetic’s CD-R and also Fuji Film cd-r’s seem to work well. Looks like general rule of thumb for DVD Burners is stay away from the cheap CD-R media, doesn’t really agree with them at all. :slight_smile:

I use alot of ‘cheap’ CD-R media on my DVD writers and have absolutely no issues.

defrag your harddrive, move the image files to another part of your harddrive or onto a different harddrive and try burning again.