Burning cd-r problems!

Firstly just to say you guys do a wonderful job here and the world is a better place fir it. Thanks. Anyway onto the problem. I recently bought the NEC 2500A as my first DVD-Burner as i wanted multi format burning . The first Disc i did was a DVD (Mirror Platinum) and it worked a treat. I then tried burning Some Cd-r’s (Verbatim Datalife Plus Super AZO) and they have all been coasters. :a It doesn’t even get past the lead before failing. The CD-r’s work in an other machine with a CD writer. I have the latest Nero and winxp. If anyone has any ideas i would be most grateful.

Try the DVD burner on your other machine.
If it burns coasters again, you may try return it back.

Is your drive with the last original FW from NEC? If not, try flashing it first with it. You do not avoid the waranty with original FW from NEC. There is the link to the FW:

Can your drive burn ANY CD-Rs or just that specific brand gives you trouble?