Burning CD in Nero for use in 2004 Rodeo player

Hi, everyone! My name is Rich and I own a 2004 Rodeo with factory 6 disc CD player. I use Nero to burn CDs but must be honest, I really don’t know a lot about the program. I DO not I’ve not been able to burn one that will play in my truck. They play great on my in home players, including computer. After reading many posts it appears I’m not alone.
All assistance greatly appreciated.:eek:


what kind of discs do you want to create?
Are these plain Audio CDs or mp3 discs?

It’s also possible that your car player is picky about the media you feed it. Perhaps try other discs, and also experiment with the burn speed. Coarse rule of thumb: 16x should normally work unless you have a lousy CD burner and not-so-good media.