Burning CD image onto Flash Drive or getting 3.2 GB image onto a 256 flash drives via a 73 MB ISO

Ok, here’s the deal before you beat me to death. I have a 73 MB ISO of a custom boot installation that unzips to 3.22 GB not due to compression but due to intentionally cross-linked files or some such as I understand. It can be burnt on a regular CD quite easily. I want to burn it onto a 256 flash drive for use.

I would think because it is only 73MB the 256 would be fine. Maybe the fact that is normally takes a 700MB cd (for the 3.2GB) is a problem, but however would I ever figure this out? I’m not simply trying to create a bootable USB, that’s simple enough and then extract the ISO NOPE WON"T WORK.

So any thoughs?

I don’t know of a tool that will do the hard linking for you automatically based on the hard links in the ISO image, but if you format your flash drive in NTFS format, it will support hard linking (storing the file only once and referring to it in multiple locations).

I use the NTFS Link shell extensions to manually hard link files when needed.

yeah i was thinking I could theoretically “rewrite” the image with NTFS links but what a pita. It might be fun though. Can you think of a way to create and distribute the new image preserving the links? Maybe a ghost image of the drive?

You might be able to accomplish what you want by extracting the ISO image to an NTFS-formatted drive that’s large enough to fit the unoptimized content (since the 256 MB drive cannot store 3.22 GB worth of files), then using a utility such as e.g. Duplicate Finder to identify identical files and hardlink them for you, then making an “image” with Ghost, TrueImage or another harddrive imaging tool, and then restore that image to your flash drive.

I have never used Duplicate Finder and my idea haven’t been tested, but in theory it could work.

back to the original question, how does one burn a video anto a flash drive if at all.

I was considering doing something like that to create a full backup boot, but I have since decided there’s an easier way…

an IDE to PCM-CIA adapter and an 8gb card.

Though there would be some merit to using a 6Gb or 8gb microdrive
The adapter is what? $3-4 shipped and a microdrive is ~$20

Going PCM-CIA also avoids another pitffall, the limitation of FAT16 formatting.

Newer bigger PCM-CIA cards can be formatted FAT32 or NTSF, though most
professional cameras that use PCM-CIA memory have “issues” with cards
using formatting other than FAT16, the opposite is the case with most computers.

and in that I think is where your interfering demon is hiding…
Flash is typically formatted FAT16 and I’ve had problems making
images of one hard drive to another when BOTH the source drive
and the destination drive are not using the same formatting.