Burning CD from Overdrive Media

Hi, I’ve searched here and at Google, but can’t find the answer to this. I’ll admit I’m a huge newbie in this area, and would be most grateful for any explanations or links for more info…

I’m listening to books downloaded from our local library using Overdrive Media. For certain books, it allows one to burn them to CD while it’s being loaned - the issue? One book takes 16 CD’s. I’d like to listen to them on a regular CD player (I can’t take the computer everywhere), but 16 CD’s per book seems a bit extreme, not to mention unaffordable. Does this sound right?

It just seems weird that the whole book will fit on a 256k SanDisk personal player, but not on 1 CD.

Can anyone point me to information that would help me understand this?

Thanks - SO - much!

Are you allowed to burn them for your own “library”?

I don’t actually want to burn them for ‘my’ library - I just want to be able to listen to them (during the 10 days I’ve checked them out) without wearing headphones/earpieces, or dragging the computer around. If I thought I could use CD-RW and have them work, I’d try them, but the little experience I have had hasn’t been good with those.

I actually live in the Middle East, and don’t have ability to actually check out the hard copies, or I would… this is a great service, and I don’t want to loose it, it’s just not always convenient to haul around the computer.

I just thought I’d ask - I’ve had past problems burning CD’s, and just figured it might be a good time to learn something.

I just read about Overdrive, don’t have any actual experience with it, but are you sure about the 16 CD’s? Could it be 16 “parts”? According to the information I read, you can burn multiple parts to a CD using the Overdrive Console. It looks like all of these have MS DRM and can be played and burnt using WMP or the Overdrive Console if the copy flag is set for a particular title (not all are allowed to be copied). Anyway, I suggest reading the docs for the Overdrive Console. It appears that the largest size for a “part” can be as high as 36MB.
I just reread the part about burning to CD’s and here is what it says:

" If you have selected more than one Part to burn to CD, the Burn Wizard will prompt you to enter a new CD as each Part finishes burning. When all Parts are successfully burned to CD, the Burn Wizard displays a ‘Success’ message."

Doesn’t make much sense to me. If the max size for a “part” is 36MB you are wasting a lot of disk space by not being able to burn multiple parts on one CD.

Now this is a little contradictory but it’s taken from the Overdrive Console burn instructions:


OverDrive Media Console offers a built-in Burn Wizard, allowing you to burn audio titles to CD where permitted by the publisher. The Burn Wizard brings the convenience of MediaMarker navigation to your CD player by creating a new track on CD for each MediaMarker in the Part. Select individual Parts to burn to CD, or burn the entire title - the OverDrive Media Console Burn Wizard provides options to suit your needs. You don’t need to install additional software; everything you need is incorporated into OverDrive Media Console."

I’d looked up those help instructions as well - and they didn’t make sense to me either. I tried following the instructions to use Windows Media with Overdrive Media, and it too said it would take 16 CD’s. That’s when I came here. I’m thinking I’ll just have to manage without it. But thanks for the second opinion.

Blessings All.