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I am just stating to burn cd’s dvd’s what is good media to buy, DVD-R, DVD+R, CDR, 8X, 16X, for cd’s 52X, AZO metal coating, thinking of verbatim DataLifePlus products. I have a plextor plexwriter PX-230A, and a Lite On SHW-160P6S, and thinking of getting a Plextor 755sa, I have DVD Decrypter, Dvd Shrink, Fix VTS and Ripit4me and roxio suite 9. What else do I need to start this process good media any suggestions. thanks to all great site.


Good media?

The “premium” brands:
Taiyo Yuden 48x/52x CD-R, 8x DVD+/-R, 16x DVD+R.
Verbatim 8x/16x DVD+/-R.
Maxell (Made in Japan only) 8x DVD+R, 16x DVD+/-R.

If you want to use some cheaper, budget-priced media:
Ricoh 8x/16x DVD+R (RICOHJPN R02/R03)
CMC 52x CD-R, 8x DVD+R (CMC MAG E01)
Those have been very good in my experience too.


What is better branded unbranded? cofused


To make it very easy:
For CD-R just look for Made in Japan discs. You cant go wrong with those.
For DVD+/-R: Verabtim, Maxell Made In Japan and Taiyo Yuden (well i would even say any Made In Japan discs you get outside of Japan).
About branded/unbranded/printabe etc: it shouldnt make a big difference.


Keep in mind the difference between brand and manufacturer. Here in the media forum, we tend to talk more about manufacturers, since that is a much more reliable indication of disc quality than the brand that is printed on the disc or box.

A disc sold in the store as “Fujifilm” brand, for example, could actually be made by several different companies, Taiyo Yuden, Prodisc, and CMC, for example… and of these discs from the different manufacturers, some are good, and some are to be avoided.

You can get some good deals buying retail (at the “big box” stores like Best Buy, Staples, Officemax) but you have to pay attention to the country of origin on the package (Made in Japan is good, Made in Taiwan could be good or bad, for example) and you’re never 100% guaranteed that the manufacturer of the discs you buy is the one you want… or you can buy online from reputable dealers like rima.com, newegg.com, meritline.com, and be sure of getting the manufacturer you want.

Taiyo Yuden makes some of the best discs out there, but you won’t see their name in any retail stores in the US. You’ll have to buy certain brands that say “Made in Japan” on them, or buy OEM discs online.

Hope this helps.


if your burner can burn at 16x for dvd’s or 52x for cd’s should you buy this speed media and burn at a slower rate or buy an 8x or 4x blank media. thanks


You’ve already had the answer to this in the other thread you started here .


Your right, Thank you all for all the help, it will be put to the test soon, thanks again.