Burning CD/DVD - close other programs?

I haven’t read a discussion in regard to whether it’s prudent to have your AV/firewall/anti-spyware programs running in the background while burning disks. Obviously, the CPU and the drive are working in tandem to make a perfect copy of the digital file, while at the same time the security programs are working overtime checking everything on the drive.

The question is - should one disconnect themselves from the net and shutdown all their security programs when burning disks?

Some recommend shutting down background apps, and some go to the extent of closing explorer.exe and running burning app in Real Time priority. Lol.

Why not test it out and post your resulting scans. See if there is a true real-world difference. Cheers. :slight_smile:

I just ensure that I do nothing that’s either CPU or disk I/O intensive. I still browse the web & download via p2p.
My firewall , antivirus etc are still running & I don’t experience any problems.

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FTroop!..lol. I personally like to take no chances, so I close all programs when burning DVD’s, including no surfing, as the transfer rate is much higher with DVDs than with CDs. Sometimes I will do stuff when burning CD’s but if I notice buffer underruns, the burn could end up failed. Turning off firewall or av/anti-spyware isn’t necessary if you don’t have any explorer windows open. Some have said that they do both surf and burn and get fine results. It depends a lot on your system and burning environment. You can just try it as ninbang has suggested and see if you get excessive buffer underruns.

Yes, and you should close the curtains, switch off the lights, sit perfectly still and not breathe! :disagree:

Seriously though, I think you and many others are way too scared about what could happen if you use the pc while burning a DVD. Modern pc’s running modern operating systems are built for multi-tasking, and all DVD burners and all except ancient CD burners have buffer under-run protection that will kick in if your drive doesn’t get data fast enough.

It’s possible that a lot of burn stop/start cycles due to buffer under-run protection kicking in could POSSIBLY introduce more PI Errors and even PI Failures, but probably so little that you won’t notice it in a quality scan unless perhaps if the stop/start cycle is happening every few seconds due to the harddrive thrashing like mad.

If you want to be on the safe side when burning, don’t run anything else that massively reads or writes to the harddrive, as this is the one thing that will most likely cause buffer under-run protection to kick in.

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