Burning CD audio to DVD



well, as far as i know DVD and CD both contain data, in different sizes

well i always wondered, if it would be possible to burn an audio CD (suitable for play on a cd player) to DVD, thus, you could store about 6 hours of CD audio on one dvd

i was just wondering if there are any utilities for this kind of software, or if there arent any, why not?

or is it that dvd and cd use different lazer types? and thus it wont work??




I have seen software offered to do this, but for the life of me can’t remember what it was.

Maybe “Google” DVD audio and see what comes up.


A DVD will not be recognised in a CD player.

If you have an player that handles MP3 files then MP3 on a CD would be a worthwhile consideration. An MP3 track at decent quality will use only about 15% of the space of a normal CD track (in wav format) so you could get 6+ hours on a CD this way.

Also some standalone DVD players will recognise mp3 on DVD. My Pioneer does but requires a playlist. With this I can get between 30 - 40 hours of music on 1 disc.