Burning CD at 1x



I still wish that Yamaha would have not stopped producing burning/recording drives when DVD and BD appeared… They’ve made great CD-R/W burners. :frowning:


I really have been living under a rock…what a drag. Verbatim was the last Taiyo Yuden sourced CD-r I purchased. Guess I should have bought/stashed more of them.:disappointed_relieved:
It looks like I’ve got a lot of catching up (or leaving behind) to do re burning and this site.


Huh?? There are enough such old drives listed for a bargain…
Frist CD-R burners came all with an SCSI Connection. Maybe you should look for Yamaha and HP…


Hp rebadged in the beginning mostly Sony and Philips, even old 4x Philips-based drives have min. speed of 2x.

Yamaha is a better deal


A Ricoh MP7040A 4x CD writer is able to burn discs with 1x speed. But with 2x or 4x speed I have better results than with 1x.


Looks like czary2mary burned some modern Ritek discs with a Yamaha CRW-4260 at x1 speed, the results speak for themselves:


If you can deal with SCSI then search ebay for Yamaha (8824S), Teac (CD-R56S) or Mat(su)shita (CW-7502/7503 which are all made by Panasonic)!!
If you can deal with IDE/ATAPI then search ebay for HP (CDD4401 which should be Philips rebadge), Sony (CRX140E), or later Yamaha CD-R/W burners (Traxdata rebadged them) which came with IDE/ATAPI Connections then too.


I don´t see any sense in 1x-writing; but Yamaha is one of the manufacturers which support 1x with a lot of models, even with the 44x F1.

Other brands don´t support 1x with 16x or faster models, I had Philips 4x and 8x which support min. 2x


My first burner was the great Philips CDD2600 (1x & 2x CD-R) and then Matshita & Yamahas were next, all with SCSI2.